The Microbiome Signature Project has conducted a third and final talent attraction campaign.

The talent campaign, which is part of the Microbiome Signature Project, has been running on three occasions, the first one ran from October to December 2020, the second period from February to May 2021 and the third one from April to June 2022.

Ads and posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Search have created awareness and led visitors to the talent site where they can check out matching jobs and sign up for the career newsletter, which now has more than 2,000 subscribers.

The objective of the talent campaign is to generate traffic to the microbiome talent site and increase job clicks for the companies that are participating in the campaign and are looking for international talents to recruit. The target audience works in life science and the microbiome. The job fields span over a wide range of areas: bioinformatics and biostatistics, chemical engineering, clinical affairs, microbiology and molecular biology, microbiome and microbiota, process engineering, quality assurance and control, and regulatory affairs. The primary target markets for the campaign are Western Europe and North America while Eastern Europe and South America are secondary target markets.


The third and recent campaign period generated 1,950,000+ total ads impressions, 27,100+ social media ads interactions, 146,000+ video views and 14,900+ ad clicks. A total of 5,398 unique visitors viewed the content on the website during the third campaign period. About 78 percent of them came from Europe followed by 11 percent from Asia even though that part of the world is not in the scope. In Europe, Portugal, the United Kingdom, and Spain showed the most website visitors.

The latest campaign period resulted in 433 new e-mail sign-ups making a total of 2,042 sign-ups for the whole campaign. During this third period, 2,080 job clicks were registered, totaling 5,391 job clicks for the campaign.

“We are really happy that so many people have found an interest in what our region has to offer in terms of job offers through our campaign. We have registered 11 new hires from this third period, and we haven’t received the final figures from our company partners yet,” says Dan Rosenberg, Strategy & Talent Acquisition Lead, Copenhagen Capacity.


One of the main Key Performance Indicators for the Microbiome Signature Project is to involve at least 15 organisations in the talent campaign and that 60 talents are hired.

The KPI has been reached as there are 27 organisations engaged in the recruitment process and more than 77 people have been hired.

“These results exceed our expectations. I’m really proud of what we have achieved and happy for the companies we have helped as they have found international talents that bring diversity, new perspectives and experience to their new teams in Denmark and Sweden.” Dan says.