Connect to our triple helix ecosystem.
It’s our DNA for your success

Experience shows life sciences thrive where there is a supportive and collaborative ecosystem that fosters a climate of innovation set within a commercial framework. The Medicon Valley ecosystem provides just that through a unique three-strand approach that we call our triple helix. It is our DNA, our recipe for your success whether you are an international investor or a company looking to locate to Medicon Valley.

The triple helix is the combination of government agencies, research infrastructure and business networks creating a holistic approach to life science development in Medicon Valley. We work in an intensive, integrated and connected way to help academia and business cooperate, share ideas, innovate, and secure business success. The result is a sophisticated ecosystem focused on the same goal: building a stronger cluster which creates opportunities and reduces time-to-market.

Advanced research support and facilities create a bright future

Medicon Valley has all the right research support in place for you. Our Technology Transfer Organisations (TTO) provide the right assistance at the right time to innovators, while incubators and science parks provide fertile environments that stimulate innovation, collaboration and growth. Clinical trials and research at hospitals are coordinated through a highly efficient one-point-entry model that speeds up requests and secures the right quality. Test facilities for medical devices and new healthtech solutions are also well catered for.

Medicon Valley is one of Europe’s most exciting life science innovation clusters. Powerful research facilities for innovative research into materials science and life science are located outside the city of Lund in Sweden. The laser synchrotron source MAX IV opened in 2016 and the European Spallation Source is due to open in 2023.

Photo of MAX IV Laboratory

MAX IV Laboratory outside the city of Lund, Sweden. Photo credit: Filippo Guizzetti

Building bridges between business and academia

Strengthening the collaboration and exchange of knowledge between academia and companies plays a vital role in focusing research and innovation towards real business opportunities. Medicon Valley Alliance (MVA) is an organisation dedicated to this mission. MVA promotes initiatives and network events on behalf of the life science community to open up new research and business opportunities.