World leading in several fields of research

There are numerous successful organisations in the pharma and biotech field, such as LEO Pharma, Lundbeck and  Novo Nordisk that have developed solutions to various ailments and disease, often with the help of strategic partnerships and alliances. Many of these solutions have enabled the organisations to become highly specialised and world-leaders in their field, particularly in oncology, audiology, diabetes, neurological disorders and inflammation.  Thanks to collaborations, innovative research and strong pipelines, Medicon Valley is now a hotbed for groundbreaking biotech and pharmaceutical solutions. 


Some more examples of successful pharma and biotech companies on the Swedish as well as the Danish side of Medicon Valley are Alligator Bioscience, Ascelia Pharma, Bavarian Nordic, Camurus, Cantargia, Genmab, Hansa Biopharma and Roche Innovation Center Copenhagen.

Find more information about the biotech and pharma companies in the Medicon Valley Database

Given the importance of the Medicon Valley life science cluster, and in particular the pharmaceutical market to Denmark and Sweden, a large slice of public money is drawn to research. Public funding helps boost the biotech and pharma ecosystem, making it attractive to potential investors going forward.

Biotech & pharma projects in the pipeline

Projects currently open for business opportunities are available on request. Read more about open projects here and who to contact at Invest in Skåne and Copenhagen Capacity.