An interdisciplinary and robust life science environment with several scientific strongholds leverages cutting-edge microbiome research within the region. And it includes the expertise of microbiologists, biochemists, immunologists, nutritionists, bioinformaticians, and clinicians.

Active, multidisciplinary research among highly ranked universities

The region has generated a high volume of microbiome-related research publications, with a considerable number published in prominent journals such as Nature. Highly rated academic institutions such as the University of Copenhagen, Technical University of Denmark, and Lund University are engaged in researching the microbiome from a wide range of disciplines.

Attractive location for clinical trials

Greater Copenhagen has more microbiome-related clinical trials than several major European countries. Since 2001, close to 140 microbiome-related clinical trials are located in the region - 80+ of them since 2015. These have involved collaborators from 20+ different countries, showing the international reach and interest in conducting clinical trials in the area. There are also several clinical environments in the region where FMT trials are currently conducted.

This inspiring environment for conducting clinical trials in the region is supported by organisations such as Trial Nation, Statens Serum Institut, and Clinical Studies Sweden Forum South.

Key highlights

  • There are close to 900 microbiome-related research publications published by researchers affiliated with Greater Copenhagen between 2014 and 2019, involving collaborations with more than 80 countries. Of these, more than 70% were headed by Greater Copenhagen-affiliated academic groups.
  • Researchers affiliated with Greater Copenhagen were behind 7% of all microbiome-related research publications in Nature and Nature's sister journals during the past five years (51/751). Of these, more than 50% were headed by Greater Copenhagen-affiliated academic groups as defined by first- or last-authorships.
  • There have been close to 140 microbiome-related clinical trials in the region since 2001, involving collaborators from more than 20 countries.
  • The proportion of clinical trials within dietary supplements conducted in the Greater Copenhagen region is significantly higher than the global average.

Download a more detailed description of the methodology and results behind the above highlights:  

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