Foundations and public funding bodies are cornerstones for funding microbiome research in the Greater Copenhagen region.

Funding fuel

Microbiome research in the region has been fuelled by major foundations such as Novo Nordisk Foundation, Lundbeck Foundation, Danish National Research Foundation, LEO Foundation, Villum Foundation, and Innovation Fund Denmark. In Sweden, Region Skåne, Vinnova, and Vetenskapsrådet have granted funds for Lund University-based research and companies in Skåne.

Multi-disciplinary partnerships

The foundations and public funding bodies promote international collaboration and provide co-funding for public-private collaborative projects. This provides opportunities for partnerships across industry, academic and clinical environments within the region as well as internationally. This stimulates the continuous development of the region's microbiome research and innovation. 

Regional funding bodies:

Download examples of how regional funding bodies have funded microbiome research and development:

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