Medicon Valley is the crucible of Scandinavian life sciences. Located at the gateway to Denmark and Sweden it has a vibrant ecosystem and deep talent pool underpinned by world-class life science universities and research infrastructure.

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Microbiome is a focus area in Greater Copenhagen. If you want to discover the latest innovations or find new partnerships within microbiome, Greater Copenhagen’s vibrant microbiome industry is the place to be.

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Access the Medicon Valley database now to find out more about the life science companies and organisations in the cluster.

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Groundbreaking science

Medicon Valley is home to a number of companies exploring large unmet medical needs with groundbreaking research such as oncology, diabetes and personalized medicine.



The Medicon Valley cluster brings together top universities,  hospitals, global and R&D based pharma-ceutical companies, as well as small to medium enterprises providing a strong triple helix ecosystem.


Locate and grow

Medicon Valley has one of the most exciting pipelines of life science projects in Europe across all phases of development. We can help you finding those great opportunities to do business.


Easy access

Located in the heart of Scandinavia, Medicon Valley provides a natural entry point into Northern Europe made easy by the Øresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden and strong airport connectivity.


The Medicon Valley cluster provides access to a rich life science ecosystem
in which there is a strong life science industry and research environment.
In the cluster you find a Scandinavian life style, an open-minded and culturally accessible society
and infrastructure that provides you with easy access to the region,
Europe and the rest of the world.

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